Friday, October 28, 2005

Soundscape Music and Lights

SoundScape Music and Lights uses high end, state-of-the art sound
systems featuring 18 inch Yamaha sub woofers and concert series
Peavey main speakers. All sound systems run trough BBE sound
processing systems to insure the best in sound quality and clarity.

Our light systems include moving heads, PAR 56 and 64 spot lights,
American DJ dj lights, Chauvet scanners, Moonflower effects,
high powered strobes, smoke effects, color changers and a
SPECTACULAR laser show with 6 different professional fixtures.

You can rent our equipment for your band's next show. We also
offer our DJ show for your next party.

We are not your regular DJ who runs his system from his ipod
and doesn't play requests.... Call Rob at 601-917-0674 or
email Michele at
We KNOW we do YOU want to?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

November DMD calendar now up

Such as it is so far. Got any dates I don't yet have? Send 'em on. deadmandancing at gmail dot com

Fooseball Tournaments at Nick's

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night at 8:00pm, Nick's Ice House is hosting a Fooseball tournament. There's a $5.00 entry fee. Draw your partner. $50.00 added with 10 teams.

Sounds like fun, but then, Nick's is always fun, yes?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

St. Elmo's looking for bands

St Elmo's is looking for live acts for Tuesday nights. Call Casper at 601.543.0659 or 601.467.4026.

Do ya like to smash things?

Wally from over there at Wally's Blog has a guitar that was worth $50 new and has only depreciated. It's yours for nothing if you promise to destroy it onstage. Comes with an Epiphone case of similar value. Email me at deadmandancing at gmail dot com

Roland A-90 Studio Keyboard For Sale

High milage with cosmetic damage, this keyboard/sequencer is fully functional, but the sliders are glitchy.
$600.00 OBO. Contact

Friday, October 21, 2005

Bands needed for in-house projects

This from Jil:

I do small videos at my job for in-services & other things. None of the videos are used to make any money whatsoever. I need some music....for the intros, for the backgrounds, etc. Any good bands who may be interested in letting me use a song or 2 of theirs, I will credit them on the video (which about 1200 employees see) that may bring a few folks to shows, who knows, or it could lead to films that make money at some point in time and the artist would be paid for their song.

Contact Jil at or email me for her phone number. deadmandancing at gmail dot com.

Drummer Needed

This is a repost from over there at the Hattie's Blog.

A new band in town, Cathode Ray Gun, is fervently looking for a drummer. For more information, please view Cathode Ray Gun. This is a band with a great pedigree and is sure to have an interesting sound. (Even though they're not an S&M band. No, I don't know what that means, either.) Contact

On a related note, I am announcing that I recently found a bass drum kicky-thing (hey, I'm not a musician) beside a dumpster. It appears to be in good shape. If you are the lucky new drummer for Cathode Ray Gun, I'll throw this at ya for nothin'. If you are a drummer in need of a kicky-thing, but Cathode Ray Gun is not in your future, email me and we'll discuss the incredibly low price. If this is your kicky-thing that you abandoned near a dumpster, shame on you! But if it was a mistake and you really want the kicky-thing back, email me and we'll discuss ransom. deadmandancing at gmail dot com.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome to the Dead Man Dancing Blog

File this under "Duh, why didn't I think of this before?".

I intend this off-shoot of Dead Man Dancing to be a clearinghouse for Hattiesburg musicians and their fans, a place where folks can swap gear, look for band mates and hear the latest news from the local music scene.

Tune in often for the latest and please contact me at deadmandancing at gmail dot com with any info you would like posted.

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