Thursday, September 28, 2006

Time for Something Completely Else

You guys are no good at this new-fangled interactivity stuff, are ya? So, although this site is still a place for you to let folks know what's up in the music scene of Hattiesburg, I think I'll use this space to talk about whatever comes into my pretty little disturbed head about the 'Burg. I'll try to stay away from cat stories.

Rumor has it that Girls are gonna be Goin' Wild down there at the old Sports Rock tonight. And no, I'm not headed down there. When I want to see girls kissin' and stuff, I'll get myself some real porn, thank you. A better bet is probably the film, Brick, that is playing at the film-dealie at the Saenger tonight. Interesting concept--film noir set in a high school. Ah, it takes me back.

Until next time. . . .

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